Be sure to check here periodically for important course announcements and reminders. 

2/18: The Week 24 Take Home Quiz can be found here. It is due on Friday, February 22nd. No late submits will be accepted.

2/8: The thermo test can be found here.

1/13: Click here to watch the videos for Friday's class.

1/6: I will no longer grade any lab reports that are missing a discussion section in which you relate the lab back to the theory of the lab and discuss the propagation of error through your determination. lab reports should be boosting your grades, not lowering them. If you are having difficulty, refer to the lab report rubric or the lab formatting guide under the Lab section of the website. 

12/30: Please note that Quest will be down through next week; therefore, you will not have a Quest assignment due on 1/7. Work on your Midterm exam instead. Also, the test for Unit 5 will be all short answer. You will be given the 84 minutes to work on seven short answer questions. Four questions are based on stiochiometry and any related topics (i.e. gases or solutions). Two questions are based on laboratory questions related to chemical reactions and determination of the identity/composition of a given substance. The last question involves writing the net-ionic equation for three processes and answering a follow-up question based on the reaction. Enjoy the last couple of days of your vacation!

12/12: The phase diagram needed for the Napoleon's Buttons lab can be found here.

12/10: Explanation of redox reactions can be found here and here.

11/18: Help on Quest: One of the questions on this weeks quiz involves solving for the molar mass of a hydrocarbon. The question provides the masses of both a known gas and the unknown gas; the masses correspond to the mass difference after a certain period of time. In order to answer this question, Graham's Law must be modified in order to solve for molar mass in terms of masses. The deadline has been extended until Tuesday so you can get extra help if needed.

11/17: The Holiday Break assignment has been posted. The assignment is due on Wednesday, January 2nd and will count as a test grade. Failure to complete the assignment on time will result in a 20 point deduction each day the assignment is turned in late. NOTE: THE HOLIDAY BREAK ASSIGNMENT WAS REVISED ON 12/2.

11/17: As a reminder, I will be checking the following worksheets on Monday for a homework grade: Intermolecular Forces, Gas Laws, and Gases in Motion. On Tuesday, I will be checking two additional worksheets: Phase Diagrams and Concentration. These worksheets will be checked for completeness, not correctness. 

10/21: The last date Labs 1-4 will be accepted is Friday, October 26th. Failure to turn these labs in by this deadline will result in a permanent zero assigned for each missing lab.

9/29: Please note that I had to slightly change the schedules for Week 6 and Week 7 because I had the incorrect date of the PSAT. If you have previously printed these documents, please adjust accordingly.

9/8: The video page for Unit 1 has been updated with links to the "Keys to the Cosmos" assignment. The previous embedded video is no longer hosted on the original site, so if people attempted to view it previously, it was not working. There are students that have yet to enroll in Quest. I must approve your request in order to take the weekly quizzes. Follow the instructions from 9/4 to request enrollment. I will not entertain any excuses as to why the assignment was not completed by the 9am deadline as you have already had plenty of time to request the enrollment before the last day. 

9/7: Test #1 Bonus: A student takes the mass of an evacuated flask as 73.25 grams.  An unknown powdered substance was placed in the flask and the mass was recorded as 89.76 grams. The studnet then filled the remainder of the 27.31 cm3 flask with distilled water. The solid substance dissolved and the mass of the solution was determined to be 106.35 grams. Determine the density of the unknown solid sample and comment on whether the substance could be glucose. What additional tests could be performed to make a more definitive conclusion?\

9/5: The test on Friday covering Chapters 1 and 2 will be timed in the following manner:

  • You will only have 84 minutes in total to take the test (2 class periods and the 4 minutes between periods).
  • There are twenty multiple choice questions that must be answered first without the use of a calculator. Once you have completed these questions, you will turn in the question sheet for these questions. The multiple choice questions count as 2 points each, or a total of 40 possible points awarded for this section.
  • You will have the remaining time to complete the essay questions. There are seven questions in total, some with multiple parts. You may use the calculator for these sections. The short answer contains a total of 48 points.

9/4: Instructions for enrolling in the Quest online homework system can be found here. Your first assignment is due on 9/10 at 9am in the morning.

9/1: The beginning of the school year is upon us. Be sure that the summer assignment has been completed and that all necessary books have been purchased (lab notebook, review book, and Napoleon's Buttons). In addition to the books, you will need two 2" binders and a marble composition notebook. One binder will be used for maintaining your laboratory portfolio and the other will contain your student manual. The composition notebook is required to record all of your test answers and corrections. Enjoy the weekend and I will see you all on Tuesday!

7/25: I have posted the course notes for the first two units thus far. These two units should take us into the middle of October. I would suggest that you print these notes out at your earliest convenience so that you are ready to go once the school year starts. They are quite large files and contain many pages as the first two units cover about 7 chapters of material. I highly recommend that you print out these notes before class as we will not have enough time to copy every word and/or diagram. Please also ensure that you have ordered your laboratory notebooks, as the first lab is scheduled for the second day of class!

7/24: The schedule for the first week of classes can be found under course outlines. I will be posting the weekly schedules on the course website every week. They will not be distributed in class, so it is your responsibility to ensure that you are current with all assignments and due dates as posted on the course website. The syllabus has also been updated for the upcoming school year. Please look over the grading policy and course requirements at your leisure.