Be sure to check here periodically for important course announcements and reminders. 

4/20: Tomorrow, we will finish the Electrolysis part of Unit 8 in the first period. In the second period, I will be going over any questions from the first multiple choice practice test; therefore, be sure that you have your answers to the questions (and hopefully have printed out the exam). You will earn a 0 or 100 for completing the assignment, so be sure to have evidence of completing it. 

4/6: The schedule for the review book is as follows. I will check the review book periodically to make sure that you have completed the assignments. 


Due Date

5: Basics

Week of 4/7

6: Reactions and Periodicity

Week of 4/7

7: Stoichiometry

Week of 4/7

8: Gases

Week of 4/14

9: Thermodynamics

Week of 4/14

10: Spectroscopy, Light, and Electrons

Week of 4/14

11: Bonding

Week of 4/14

12: Solids, Liquids, and IMFs

Week of 4/21

13: Solution and Colligative Properties

Week of 4/21

14: Kinetics

Week of 4/21

15: Equilibrium

Week of 4/21

16: Electrochemistry

Week of 4/28

17: Nuclear Chemistry

Week of 4/28

18: Organic Chemistry

Week of 4/28

19: Experimental

Week of 4/28

3/22: The third quarterly examination will be due on Wednesday, April 9th. It will count toward your fourth quarter grade. For each day late, you will receive a 20% deduction in the overall grade. The last date to turn in the third quarterly will be Friday, April 11th. The quarterly can be found under the Units section of this website or in your student note packet. 

3/21: The Unit 7 Bonus can be found here. It is due on Monday, March 24th.

3/13: The review schedule for the review FRQs is shown below.

Review Assignment

Due Date

Review FRQ #1

Friday, March 21st

Review FRQ #2

Friday, March 28th

Review FRQ #4

Friday, April 4th

Review FRQ #3

Friday, April 11th

Multiple Choice #1

Monday, April 21st

Review FRQ #5

Tuesday, April 22nd

Review FRQ #6

Thursday, April 24th

Multiple Choice #2

Monday, April 28th

Review FRQ #7

Tuesday, April 29th

Review FRQ #8

Wednesday, April 30th

Multiple Choice #3

Thursday, May 1st

Review FRQ #9

Friday, May 2nd

3/13: The take home quiz due Monday, March 17th can be found here.

2/23: If you are having difficulty differentiating between the ways to solve for the heat of a reaction, please see this document.

2/3: Starting this Wednesday, we will have 5 minute review quizzes to start class. These will continue through the AP exam in May. A review book can be found here. This week and next week, the review quizzes will focus on predicting chemical reactions.

12/18: Here is the exam for Unit 4. It is due on Monday, January 6th. No late exams will be taken.

9/8: I have placed a copy of the lab safety quiz under the "Labs" section if you cannot find your copy.

9/6: The first Quest quiz has been published; however, no one has yet to sign up for the online quiz service. The instructions can be found below (7/20). The first Quest is due on Monday, 9/16 at 9am. No extensions will be granted, and no excuses will be entertained about not being able to access the website. You have 10 days to enroll and finish the assessment. 

8/10: The weekly schedules leading up to the first progress reports have been posted

7/20: Enroll in the email system so that you receive email updates throughout the year. The link to enroll can be found here.

7/20: Instructions for enrolling in the Quest online homework system can be found here. Your first assignment is due on 9/16 at 9am in the morning. Please enroll in the online quiz system as soon as possible so that you are certain the first assignment can be completed.