Be sure to check here periodically for important course announcements and reminders.

5/16/11: The fourth quarter project expectations, deadlines, and mandatory attendance dates can be found in the "Projects" section of the website. Failure to abide by these deadlines will result in a point deduction from the project grade, which will account for 75% of your fourth quarter grade.

4/25/11: Review presentation for tomorrow can be found here.

4/13/11: The PowerPoints for tonight's homework have been posted under "Projects." We are still missing five and it appears someone did the wrong PowerPoint by mistake. Check back later for the last few that are not currently there. The two missing legislation pieces which will not be posted are the Kyoto Protocol and the Stockholm Declaration. I suggest that you quickly research these two to fill out the spreadsheet as well. Be careful with the Kyoto Protocol: the USA signed, but did not ratify, the agreement, so you cannot use the Kyoto Protocol as a current US agreement in place on the AP exam.

4/10/11: The spring break assignment has been posted in the FRQ section. It is due on Tuesday, April 26th. No late assignments will be accepted.

4/9/11: I have come across an IPhone app for APES review. Not sure if you can find it for other cellular devices.

4/7/11: The Legislation Project is due on Wednesday, 4/13. You will begin presenting them in class on that date. You must submit the presentation to me via email and also place it into the HS Bucket.

4/4/11: Schedule for this week is as follows:

Tuesday 4/5: Quiz

Wednesday 4/6: LD50 Activity   Pesticide Spraying Worksheet

Thursday 4/7: United Nations Questions Unit 9

Friday 4/8: Review Book Chapters 13 (Forestry/Rangelands) & 18 (Pollution Types)

Monday 4/11: FRQ #15  

3/28/11: Schedule for this week is as follows:

Tuesday 3/29: Chapter 16 Outline

Wednesday 3/30: First Unit 9 Article (Maryland Fracking Debate)

Thursday 3/31: FRQ #14

Friday 4/1: Review Book Chapters 11 (Population Biology/Dynamics) & 12 (Aqua/Agriculture)

3/18/11: Do not forget about the discussion board assignment about the events in Japan. It is due tomorrow, 3/21/11. Your exam fees are due to the main office this week; as a reminder, failure to take the AP exam in 43 days does result in automatic failure of the course.

3/14/11: The schedule for the next two weeks is as follows:

3/15:    Chapter 14 Outline

3/16:    Article Summary (Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming), Unit 8 Test due at 9pm Online

3/17:    Chapter 15 Outline

3/18:    Review Book Chapters 15 (Energy Consumption/Conservation) and 16 (Nuclear Energy)

3/21:    FRQ #13

3/22:    Chapter 17 Outline

3/23:    Chapter 18 Outline

3/24:    Chapter 22 Outline

3/25:    Review Book Chapters 10 (Natural Cycles) and 17 (Alternative Energies)

            Third Quarter Project Due (Invasive Species Brochure)


3/8/11: The exam for Unit 8 has been posted on CourseSites. A link to the course can be found here. You must request access to the course by clicking on AP Environmental Science and filling out the form under "Contact the Instructor." Once I approve you for the course, you will be able to find the Unit 8 exam. You have 75 minutes to complete the exam. Once started, the exam must be completed within the 75 minutes. Your browser will be locked so you will be unable to access other websites at this time. Make sure that you save and submit your answers at the conclusion of the exam.

2/7/11: The Wanted Poster project has been posted and is due on Friday, February 18th. The poster will be graded on creativity in addition to factual correctness. If you are planning to take an early vacation before Mid-Winter Recess, it is your responsibility to hand in the project before you leave, as the project will count towards two test grades for this quarter. The due date for the Unit 7 test is Monday, February 28th. No exceptions will be granted for either assignment. Do not forget that the Chapter 19 outline is due tomorrow!

2/1/11: The Unit 7 PowerPoint and article have been posted. You will have a quiz on Friday on energy and the introduction to air pollution. The Unit 7 journey article is due on February 9th.

1/31/11: The third quarter has begun. No late work will be accepted for the rest of the year. If the assignment is not turned in on the due date, you get a zero; no exceptions will be granted. The first two FRQ assignments (FRQ #10 and #11) have been posted. They are due on Monday, February 7th and Monday, February 14th, respectively. The United Nations questions for Unit 7 have also been posted and are due on Wednesday, February 16th.

1/24/11: Just a reminder that my gradebook closes tomorrow for any missing or late assignments. This includes sending me your presentation via e-mail to See you all tomorrow at 8:00am in Room 130 for the midterm.

1/19/11: While grading the latest batch of assignments, there appears to be an increasing trend of copying and plagiarism. Any suspected papers will result in a grade of a zero for all parties involved. Possible sources of cheating include, but are not limited to: merely copying off of another person's paper, copying and pasting written words into a word document to answer a specific question on an assignment or project, and copying answers to written assignments off from the Internet (especially ones that use specific manipulations not discussed in class). Also, the gradebook closes on Tuesday during the midterm. No additional time will be granted for any circumstance for missing assignments, projects, and labs. The grades will be posted online later today so that you may see what you are missing.

1/16/11: The take-home test for Units 5 & 6 has been posted here. It is due on Monday, January 24th. Write the answers on a separate piece of paper.

1/2/11: The next three FRQ assignments have been posted. They will be due on the following dates:

  • FRQ #7 - Monday 1/10/11
  • FRQ #8 - Tuesday 1/18/11
  • FRQ #9 - Monday 1/24/11

12/25/10: I hope that everyone had a great holiday. The midterm exam is right around the corner. The midterm will consist of two sections: the multiple choice portion will be given during midterm week on January 25th. On the date of the midterm, the second portion (the FRQs) will be due. Failure to turn in the second part by the conclusion of the midterm exam will result in a zero on that portion of the test. The multiple choice will account of 60% of the grade, while the FRQs will comprise the remaining 40%. The midterm will count toward two test grades for the second quarter. If cheating and/or copying is suspected, a grade of zero for the entire exam will be assigned.

12/20/10: The journal article, United Nations questions, and take home test for Unit 4 have been posted under the "Units" section of the website. All three are due on Monday, January 3rd.

12/7/10: The next FRQ (FRQ #6) has been posted and is due on Monday, 12/13/10. If you have any questions, see me after school. Also, make sure that you are taking your data points for the Yeast Populations Dynamics Lab. The lab write-up will be due on Monday, 12/20/10. Quiz in class on Friday, 12/10/10.

11/11/10: The Unit 3 take-home test can be found here. Answer the 40 multiple choice questions, then choose 3 essay questions to answer. Be sure to fully answer the essay questions, with all of the necessary information listed. Elaborate as you feel necessary. Identical/similar tests will awarded a grade of a zero, without the possibility of a makeup or test corrections. The take-home is due on Wednesday, November 17th. Failure to hand the take-home test by the due date will result in a twenty point deduction per each day late. Ask for help from your instructor as needed.

11/2/10: The journal article and UN questions for Unit 3 have been posted. The Unit 3 test is scheduled for next Friday (11/12) and will count as the last test for Quarter 1. The Unit 3 problem set will therefore be due on Wednesday (11/10). Don't forget about the Quarter 1 project!!

10/8/10: The title of the review book for the course is "5 Steps to a 5 AP Environmental Science," which can be purchased at any Borders, Barnes & Noble, or online. A pdf version of an older version has been posted online under "Resources." I suggest that you read through the relevant chapters before any test in addition to the selected readings in the textbook so that you are adequately prepared. Have a great three day weekend!

10/7/10: The Unit 2 has been bumped back to Tuesday, October 19th. The Unit 1 & 2 UN questions are due then as well.

9/16/10: A friendly reminder that you have a problem set which is due on Wednesday, September 22. This problem set can be found under Unit 1 in the "Unit" section of this website. These questions coincide with the chapter readings and lecture notes. Do not forget to hand in the tutorial questions with the problem set as well! These questions can also be found with the Unit 1 course documents.

9/14/10: You have your first journal assignment due tomorrow. The link to the journal is listed under Unit 1 in the "Unit" section of this website. Once you have read the journal, click on the "Resources" section of this website, print off the APES news journal sheet, and hand that in tomorrow.

9/12/10: To give you enough time to adequately answer all of the Unit 1 United Nations questions, I have extended the deadline to hand these questions in until the Unit 2 Test. Therefore, both the Unit 1 and Unit 2 UN questions will be due in the beginning of October. I strongly recommend that you start working on them now so that you are no overwhelmed with all the questions if you choose to procrastinate until the last minute. The questions should be typed up when submitted. As with anything else, if you have completed the assignment, I would suggest handing them in as soon as possible so that the assignments do not get lost.

9/9/10: We are currently working on Unit 1 of the APES curriculum. If you need to access any of the course documents for this unit, click on the "Units" portion of the class website and enter the user name and password. That will open the page for all the links to the various units that we will be completing throughout the year. Click on Unit 1 and all of the relevant course docs and assignments will be listed there for you. Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me over the weekend.

9/2/10: For the first day of school, do not forget to bring in the signed letter sent home last week and your lab notebook (a marble composition notebook with graph paper instead of regular lined pages). See you all on Tuesday!