Be sure to check here periodically for important course announcements and reminders. 

5/4/12: The take home test can be found here. It is due on Monday, May 14th. A zero will be assigned for lateness and/or evidence of copying.

4/25/12: Describe, in detail, one example of both negative and positive feedback present in the human body. Be sure to include all endocrine glands and target sites in your description.  

4/24/12: Homework tonight: Discuss the method of secretion of pituitary hormones (tropic or non-tropic).How does this hormone affect the organism's functions as a whole? What diseases are linked to this hormone? Explain.

4/15/12: Third quarter assignments posted in class:

G-protein Assignment1. How does a G-protein become activated? 2. Why is cAMP considered a second messenger molecule? 3. Explain how protein kinases and protein phosphatases regulate the phosphorylation of proteins in a signaling cascade? Describe the cell cycle.

Apoptosis: 1. What is apoptosis? 2. Identify some of the proteins responsible in triggering apoptosis?

Bacterial Taxis: Describe three methods in which bacteria can alter their movement in response to changing external stimuli.

Biological Function: The relationship of structure to function is one of the major themes in biology. For each of the following pairs, describe the structure and then explain how the function is related to the structure: A. Enzyme structure/catalysis; B. mRNA structure/protein synthesis; C. cell membrane structure/active transport or facilitated diffusion. 

3/14/12: The debate articles can be found here. You may wish to look at this website as well, in addition to other sources for these ethical debates.

1/10/12: You can find help writing an argument paper here.

11/9/11: Answers to the packet can be found here.

10/31/11: Notes will be posted in the next few days. In the meantime, we will be performing a two day lab on proteins.

10/23/11: Grades have been posted. For the upcoming week, I will not be after school for extra help, so please plan accordingly. I am typically at school by 7am, so you may seek me out then.

10/3/11: The first project of the year, Building Blocks, can be found here. If you forgot your assignment, you can find it here. It requires you to create a Prezi, which is an online zoom-based presentation. The link for the website can be found here. The deadline for the project is Thursday, October 6th at 9am. In order to submit the project, you must email me a link to the Prezi at Failure to do so by the deadline will result in an automatic zero for the project. The second lab is also due on Thursday, October 6th in class. You collected the data last week, so submit the data table and the questions on a separate piece of paper. The lab itself can be found under the lab section of the website.

8/29/11: Summer is coming to an end. The syllabus for the course will be posted soon. However, if you are enrolled in the course, please click on the CourseSites link on the Biochemistry main page. Once the page is loaded, click on the "Biochemistry & Physiology" link and request access to the course by clicking on "Contact Instructor and Enroll in this Course". Fill out the information and send me the request. You will need access to this website for supplemental readings and your weekly online quiz.