Each week, students will be provided with a schedule for homework assignments, due dates, announced quizzes and tests, and scheduled laboratory dates. These weekly schedules can be found below as well. Please note that these schedules may change, depending on how the students progress through the material. The weekly aims and Do Now questions are posted below as well.

Period 7

Period 9 

I will offer extra help every week on Thursday and Friday afternoons. There will also be occasional sessions available on Tuesdays. Please find the monthly extra help schedule below. If you have missed a lab during the week, the extra help session on Friday is designated as "Lab Make-Up Day." You are expeted to stay and make up any missed labs on Friday. You will have only 2 weeks to make up a lab before a zero will be assigned. Remember that all labs are due on Friday. If they are a week late, 5 points (out of a maximum of 20) will be assigned; after two weeks, they will not be taken for credit.